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will help you handle various tasks, from listing creation to product research, competitor analysis,  Amazon listing optimization, keyword research, photo editing, monitoring online reviews, email management, customer service, ads & campaign management, order processing, datqa management, and more. What can i do for you: Content related tasks, such as creating excellent content for Amazon product listings and email marketing messages. Tasks related to optimizing ads such as setting up campaigns, analyzing them, setting up negative vital terms, and ensuring that your product is not seen for certain key terms. Search engine optimization tasks such as keyword research and SEO optimization to drive relevant traffic, link building to drive growth, and social bookmarking for greater optimization. Social media tasks such as updating your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, answering customer queries and complaints on social media, uploading photos of new products. Researching for products to buy them at wholesale prices, securing the best deals that are profitable for your business, securing samples for products you sell on Amazon, negotiating with suppliers. Order fulfillment tasks such as sending in FBA inventory, downloading Amazon barcodes for each unit, downloading shipping labels, tracking the shipments, checking units received, checking how many units are in FBA. Graphic designing tasks like logo designing, creating listing images, infographics, course covers, and ebooks, among others.

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  • City:Toba Tek Singh
  • Country:Pakistan

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