Organizations with Critical Infrastructure

Every day, businesses are compromised, which may lead to hefty fines and penalties as well as direct financial losses, declining consumer loyalty, and reputational impact.

Security Services

Let us review your code for errors and look for any potential buffer overflow vulnerabilities or other weaknesses in your program.

Data Privacy

Get in contact with us immediately for a free examination of the attack surface of your network.

Industry Certified

Network penetration testing in stages. Our testing process is created with your company's needs in mind.

Providing Best Cyber Security Solution

Blackstone managed cybersecurity services enable you to utilize the knowledge of an experienced and qualified security team while concentrating on your primary business. The complexity of data breaches on the internet is increasing quickly along with the need for richer and more appealing content. In actuality, the attack surface has never been bigger than it is now, and it is still challenging for even skilled security professionals to cover. A single instance of leaked client data may damage a company's reputation, hurt sales, lose customer loyalty, draw bad news, and perhaps result in hefty fines and penalties.
Our SLA pledge guarantees a prompt reaction to any security incident around-the-clock. With forensics, 0-day research, penetration testing, and a variety of other pertinent skills at their disposal, our best specialists are prepared to dig into any particular case.

What We Offer

Are you ready to expose your company to the most intense scrutiny? a concentrated, tactical, group-based, on-the-ground assault against your network. Please allow us to proof-hack your website before someone else does.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence, sometimes known as cyber threat intelligence, is information that a company utilizes to comprehend the risks that have targeted it in the past, are attacking it now, or may do so in the future. This information is utilized to anticipate, stop, and identify online dangers trying to exploit priceless resources.

Incident Response

Network security is improved by incident response services, which continuously scan network infrastructure for hostile behavior. Blackstone Security's 24/7/365 managed IR services are built to quickly address the changing dangers of today before they have an impact on your company.

Vulnerability Assessment

Through a vulnerability assessment, we can pinpoint the network vulnerabilities that might be exploited and gauge the seriousness of the associated threat. In order to assess your security posture, Blackstone Security does a detailed investigation to identify the attack surface that is mistakenly or actively exposed.

Security Training

High levels of employee engagement are crucial. Because of this, we developed a user-friendly interface, clear instructional videos, engaging exams, and amiable alerts to keep users engaged and free up managers' time for other work. Additionally, our site offers no-cost films that you may start watching right away.

Compromise Assessment

Compromise assessments are thorough investigations carried out by expert teams using cutting-edge techniques to probe further into their environment in order to find any current gaps in controls and procedures as well as recent or past attacker activity. Blackstone Security uses a method for identifying impact on the entire network, and environmental dangers.

Cloud Security

As more organizations go to the cloud, it should come as no surprise that safeguarding your cloud instance should be a top organizational problem. Security misconfigurations continue to be the most common vulnerabilities. It becomes increasingly challenging to personalize your cloud instance as there are so many options available that cloud providers are more than willing to charge you for.

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